Reconditioning of the children’s park

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Ayuntamiento de Guadix

The purpose of the project is the RECONDITIONING OF THE CHILDREN’S PARK located on Santa Clara de Guadix Street, rehabilitating and replacing the damaged parts of it. In the same way, a new design that allows a remodeling of the park adapted to current needs as well as a modernization of the elements that are currently installed.


The design has been based on the current characteristics of the area and the functionality that is to be given to the park. To this end, activities have been organized that can serve different types of users. It has generated a series of circulations that manage to connect a fluid form with the accesses of the park to the perimeter street, as well as access to each of the areas that are articulated within the project to facilitate its use. In the same way, the interior areas can be used for activities with columns of a nature and static zones that help a proper functioning by the citizen. Conceived, then, the park from these two perspectives, has prevailed as fundamental dynamic character and citizen relationship; for this purpose, an oval space has been designed in the central area, which makes the general operation and in turn function as organizer of circulation between the different zones and accesses. The perimeter is solved by means of the zone landscaped by the East zone, and by the West, with the construction of a bank run clearly fulfilling the functions; On the one hand, consolidate the most static area and on the other hand, avoid possible contamination of the interior with the gravel of the surrounding garden area.


The treatment of the coatings focuses exclusively on the enjoyment of the users. The striking colors are used on surfaces, with finished in wallpaper for static and circulation areas, while in areas of activity and colors tend to finish with continuous rubber also in the colors that reform of this mode the cheerful and active character of the park. The central element is in a raised area with a rubber color that allows different use for access to swings and as a swing itself.