• The importance of the detail, the personality of the architecture.
  • The structure and clarity the mining of space.
  • Light and architecture, an inseparable link.


In FL-arquitectos, mathematics works at the service of aesthetics.

We bet on the merger between solidity and vanguard, in constant search for excellence in design and innovation.

From Granada, we have become benchmarks in our method of calculating structures, so imagine is easier with the safety and  reliability of our side.

Better use of space and greater efficiency in the management of resources that add to the creativity and innovation of the design  team, which, as our already completed projects show, adapt to the specific expectations of each client, proof of their creative work  being the set of patents on innovation of materials that has registered.

Thus, we have managed to achieve a perfect fusion in which our architects complement the solidity and sobriety of the numbers  without subtracting, in any way, quality, spectacularity and balance to our projects.

We have more than 30 years of experience in this field. We know what you want.


Office in Granada

Camino de Ronda 101

tlfno. 664 151 691
email. estudio@fl-arquitectos.com

Office in Guadix

Avda Buenos Aires 18, 1 E

tlfno. 615 125 010
email. estudio@fl-arquitectos.com